Shin Hanga prints

  Design: Paul Jacoulet (1896-1960)  
  Title: Fumées de santal. Mandchoukuo.  
  Size: 29.9 x 39.2 cm (dai ōban)  
  Original woodblock print    
  Photography: Jacques Commandeur
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Jacoulet Fumees de santal Mandchoukuo


Special effects: silver mica background, karazuri (which is Japanese for the technique of embossing or blind printing in English, and for gauffrage in French) on gown, and silver metallics on hair ornaments and gown.

Published on 25 December 1948.

Impression number 159 out of 350 on verso of the print:

Jacoulet Fumees de santal Mandchoukuo Numbered Seal

Watermark of PJ in roman letters and kanji in top left margin.

Paul Jacoulet signature in black pencil and red mitsu-tomoe seal in bottom right of the print. ‘Fumées de Santal’ is the only print where Paul Jacoulet used the mitsu-yomoe seal, whose black version, moreover, is apparently used as the favicon of the Hanga Online website.

Names of carver and printer in left margin:

Character Translation Character Translation
Maeda Honda
Kentarō Tetsunosuke
Carver Printer

Print title in left bottom margin: Fumées de Santal Mandchoukuo

On this print Richard Miles (1982) comments: ‘This is one of Jacoulet’s most successful yoko-e or horizontal compositions. The traditional gauffrage on the brilliantly composed gown is one of his best effects in combination with the pale grey and blue tile that seems as soft as a pillow. The grey smoke of the burning sandalwood undulates from the Ch’ing dynasty incense burner.’


Provenance: Castle Fine Arts

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