Further links on Japanese woodblock prints

Here is a list of the people selling original Japanese woodblock prints that I enjoyed buying prints from, both for the quality of their prints, and in terms of the service that they offer:

While trying to work out the kanji, kana, and seals in the prints displayed on my website, the following references were a great help to me:

Apart from the Edo, Meiji, and Shin Hanga prints displayed on my website, I was also able to obtain the wonderful prints carved and printed by David Bull in the following series: Surimono album 2000, Surimono album 2001, Surimono album 2002, Surimono album 2003, Beauties of Four Seasons, Treasure Hanga Chest, the Scroll project, the Solitudes project, the Mystique of the Japanese Print project, the Scenes from Nature project, the still unfolding Arts of Japan project, this print in the Eight Views of Cats project, and the prints in the currently unfolding Hokusai Reborn project.

David Bull’s main website is an incredible source of information on everything you ever wanted to know about Japanese woodblock carving and printing techniques, and more.

If you are interested in obtaining beautifully handcrafted woodblock prints made in the classical Japanese tradition, please also check out David Bull’s main website.

For questions and/or comments, please feel free to contact me by email at jacquesc@xs4all.nl.

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