Shin Hanga prints

  Design: Osamu Sugiyama (1946)  
  Title: Climbing up along Snow Ridge  
  Size: 26.0 x 22.0 cm (chūban)  
  Original woodblock print    
  Photography: Jacques Commandeur
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Published in June 2002. Print title in black pencil in bottom margin:

Character Reading Meaning Translation
setsu snow  
ryō edge  
ascend Climbing up along
han climb Snow Ridge

Edition number ‘‘25/25’’ and artist’s name in pencil in bottom margin.

Osama Sugiyama is a pupil of Tōshi Yoshida (son of Hiroshi Yoshida), three of whose prints can be seen on my website here, here, and here.


Provenance: The website of Osamu Sugiyama

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