Glossary and links

During my research for this website the following historical maps of Edo were a great help:

Often recurring Japanese characters in these maps are:

Character Reading Meaning
chō street; ward; town
chō, machi town, quarter
temple, hall
idem (i.e., the same)
hashi bridge
hata cultivated field
hori moat; canal
ji, tera temple
神社 jinja Shintō shrine
kawa river
ku district, ward
mura village
shima island
shito crossing (of a ferry)
ta rice field
通り tōri street, road

In Japanese, voiceless consonants at the beginning of a word often become voiced when following another word. Sumida river, for example, is pronounced as Sumidagawa; Eitai bridge is pronounced as Eitaibashi; Tsukuda island is pronounced as Tsukudajima, et cetera.

For a view of the Japanese Preface to the first book see my other website here.

Finally, on this page of my Sumidagawa website you can find photos I made of all the first fifteen bridges currently crossing the Sumida river in Tokyo in the order you encounter them when sailing up the river starting from Tokyo bay.


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