Meiji prints

  Design: Yōshū Chikanobu (1838-1912)  
  Print title: Title page/Table of contents  
  Album/series title: Azuma Fūzoku (Customs of the East)  
  Size: 23.4 x 33.8 cm (ōban)  
  Original woodblock print    
  Photography: Jacques Commandeur
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Chikanobu Azuma Fuzoku Table of contents


Special effects: gold metallic pigments splashed onto the print in two separate horizontal bands.

This print displays the title page and table of contents of the Azuma Fūzoku album, including the titles of the twelve prints designed by Chikanobu. The album was published in 1901 in Tokyo by Daikokuya (alias Matsuki) Heikichi (firm name Shōjudō).

Artist’s name in the first column on the right:

Character Reading Meaning Translation
shū discipline  
chika circumference  
nobu prolong By the brush of
hitsu brush Yōshū Chikanobu

Followed by the name of the series/album in the second column from the right:

Character Reading Meaning Translation
an peace  
tsu harbor, ferry  
matsu end  
zoku customs Customs of the East

And then followed by the titles of the twelve prints in the next four columns from the right:

Character Reading Meaning Translation
ka poem  
ru hold  
ta many (Japanese playing cards)
bi play 1 - Playing cards
niwa yard  
no ’s  
sakura cherry 2 - Backyard cherry tree
enjoy oneself  
ho walk 3 - Enjoying a walk
haru spring  
ame rain 4 - Spring rain
ai love  
ji child 5 - Beloved child
ke change  
shō adorn one’s person 6 - Make-up
tachi stand up 7 - Evening shower
kan view  
getsu moon 8 - Moon viewing
kiku chrysanthemum  
no ’s  
hana flower 9 - Chrysanthemum flowers
momi deep red  
ji leaf 10 - Red autumn leaves
miya shrine  
mairu visit a temple 11 - Visiting a shrine
yuki snow  
mi view 12 - Snow viewing

The five prints in this series that I have (‘Playing cards’, ‘Backyard cherry tree’, ‘Spring rain’, ‘Make-up’, and ‘Visiting a shrine’) together with the seven remaining images in this series that I was able to download from the internet can be seen here:

Chikanobu Azuma Fuzoku Playing cards thumbnail
Azuma Fūzoku 1 - Playing cards
Chikanobu Azuma Fuzoku Backyard Cherry Tree-thumbnail
Azuma Fūzoku 2 - Backyard cherry tree
Chikanobu Azuma Fuzoku Enjoying A Walk-thumbnail
Azuma Fūzoku 3 - Enjoying a walk
Chikanobu Azuma Fuzoku Spring Rain-thumbnail
Azuma Fūzoku 4 - Spring rain
Chikanobu Azuma Fuzoku Beloved Child-thumbnail
Azuma Fūzoku 5 - Beloved child
Chikanobu Azuma Fuzoku Make-up-thumbnail
Azuma Fūzoku 6 - Make-up
Chikanobu Azuma Fuzoku Evening Shower-thumbnail
Azuma Fūzoku 7 - Evening shower
Chikanobu Azuma Fuzoku Moon Viewing-thumbnail
Azuma Fūzoku 8 - Moon viewing
Chikanobu Azuma Fuzoku Chrysanthemum Flowers-thumbnail
Azuma Fūzoku 9 - Chrysanthemum flowers
Chikanobu Azuma Fuzoku Red Autumn Leaves-thumbnail
Azuma Fūzoku 10 - Red autumn leaves
Chikanobu Azuma Fuzoku Visiting a shrine thumbnail
Azuma Fūzoku 11 - Visiting a shrine
Chikanobu Azuma Fuzoku Snow Viewing-thumbnail
Azuma Fūzoku 12 - Snow viewing


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