Edo prints

  Design: Utagawa Toyoharu (1735-1814)  
  Title: A view of people enjoying the evening cool near Eitai bridge, Fukagawa  
  Size: 24.3 x 35.6 cm  
  Posthumous printing from the original blocks    
  Photography: Jacques Commandeur
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Originally published ca. 1771, jutting out in front on the right this print displays the then newly built and just finished legendary neighbourhood of Nakazu in Edo, to be destroyed only 18 years later in 1889 (see this page of my second website for further details). Crossing the Sumida river straight ahead is Eitai bridge, the large masts behind this bridge belonging to the sea-vessels anchored near Tsukudajima island in Edo bay. The water on the right is Hakozaki river. This river flows under Eikyū bridge, part of which is also visible on the right of the print.

Print title in top of right margin:

Character Reading Meaning Translation
u(ku) rise to the surface  
e picture  
fuka become deeper  
kawa river  
ei long (time)  
tai represent Perspective picture:
suzu(mu) enjoy the evening cool A view of people
no ’s enjoying the evening cool
zu drawing near Eitai bridge, Fukagawa

Followed by artist’s name:

Character Reading Meaning Translation
uta poem  
kawa river  
yuta(katoyo) abundant  
haru spring Picture by
ga picture Utagawa Toyoharu


Provenance: Fuji Arts

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