Meiji prints

  Design: Mizuno Toshikata (1866-1908)  
  Album/series title: Ima Yō Bijin (Modern style beauties)  
  Size: 24.4 x 18.0 cm  
  Photography: Jacques Commandeur
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Toshikata Ima Yō Bijin Front cover


This is the front cover of Mizuno Toshikata’s Ima Yō Bijin album published in Meiji 31 (1898) by Akiyama Buemon.

Name of the album and artist on an orange slip on the front cover:

Character Reading Meaning Translation
ima now  
bi beautiful  
jin person Modern style beauties
*) ō answer  
*) sai purification  
toshi year  
kata person By the brush of
hitsu brush Ōsai Toshikata
*) kan complete Complete


Provenance: Yagiya Bobongua store

*) With many thanks to Naoko and Shinji Ōba for their help in translating this kanji.

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