Meiji prints

  Design: Ikeda Terukata (1883-1921)  
  Print title: Introduction print  
  Album/series title: Edo no Nishiki (Brocade pictures of Edo)  
  Size: 20.9 x 30.3 cm (ōban)  
  Original woodblock print    
  Photography: Jacques Commandeur
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Ikeda Terukata Edo no Nishiki Table of contents


Special effects: silver metallic pigments on the second fan in the background.

The text in this print*) contains an introduction to the Edo no Nishiki album. On the front fan publisher Akiyama Buemon explains his reasons for publishing this album**). The sixth column from the right of the text mentions the name of the designer of the prints in this album:

Character Reading Meaning Translation
ike pond  
ta ricefield  
kagaya(ku) shine  
kata person Ikeda Terukata

The ninth column from the right contains the following yojikugo (four character compound):

Character Reading Meaning Translation
on warm  
ko the late  
chi wisdom  
shin new To learn from the past

One of the reasons for publishing this album was thus “to discover new things by studying the past”, or “to learn from the past”.

Publisher’s firm name in left most column of the text:

Character Reading Meaning Translation
katsu slide  
kei think  
temple Kokkeidō
shu chief  
jin person proprietor

Followed by a red seal with the publisher’s name:

Character Reading Meaning Translation
man ten thousand Akiyama

Red seals with the names of the printer and carver in the left bottom of the front fan in this print:

Character Reading Meaning Translation
in stamp  
satsu print Printer:
yama mountain  
ta rice field Yamada
ho(ru) carve  
shō artisan Carver:
mune religion  
oka hill Muneoka


Provenance: The Arts and Designs of Japan website of Peter and Lois Gilder.

*) With many thanks to Peter Gilder for sending me this print as a gift.

**) With many thanks to Naoko and Shinji Ōba for helping me with the translation of the text in this print.

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