Shin Hanga prints

  Design: Shimura Tatsumi (1907-1980)  
  Title: Lipstick  
  Series title: Two subjects of Japanese women, Volume 2  
  Size: 36.5 x 44.4 cm (double ōban)  
  Original woodblock print    
  Photography: Jacques Commandeur
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Shimura Tatsumi Lipstick (Kuchibeni)


Published by Yūyūdō in 1970.

Artist’s signature in bottom right area of the print:

Character Reading Meaning Translation
tatsu stand up  
mi beauty Tatsumi

Names of the carver and the printer in bottom right margin:

Character Reading Meaning Translation
ho(ru) carve  
ki(ku) work Carver:
mae before  
ta rice field  
ken sign of the tiger  
ta fat  
counter for sons Maeda Kentarō
su(ru) rub  
satsu print Printer:
sa help  
ritsu law  
three Satō Ritsuzō

Yūyūdō publisher seal and name in lower left margin:

Character Reading Meaning Translation
shū come out  
han printing Yūyūdō publication

Edition number 67 out of 150 in black pencil in bottom margin.

White label with artist’s name and series title on the protective outside cardboard folder (left) and on the dark blue presentation folder inside the cardboard folder (right):

Shimura print title Shimura print title Shimura print title

The kanji on both these labels read:

Character Reading Meaning Translation
shi intention  
mura village  
tatsu stand  
bi beautiful Shimura Tatsumi
moku wood  
han block  
ga picture woodblock print
ni sun  
hon origin  
no ’s  
onna woman  
ni two Two subjects
dai subject of Japanese women,
dai No.  
ni two  
shū gather Volume 2

Edition number in black stamp in bottom right corner of the protection folder:

Character Reading Meaning Translation
gen limit  
tei determine  
67     Limited edition No. 67

White label with print title on the inside of the presentation folder:

Shimura print title

in which the kanji read:

Character Reading Meaning Translation
kuchi mouth  
beni rouge Lipstick

The print comes with this information folder, outside:

Shimura print title

and inside:

Shimura print title


Provenance: Seller ginzakaigakan on Yahoo Japan Auction

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