Meiji prints

  Design: Ikeda Terukata (1883-1921)  
  Print title: Title page/Table of contents  
  Album/series title: Senshu no Hana (A thousand types of flowers)  
  Size: 20.9 x 30.3 cm (ōban)  
  Original woodblock print    
  Photography: Jacques Commandeur
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Ikeda Terukata Senshu no Hana Table of contents


This print displays the title page and table of contents of the Senshu no Hana album, including the titles of the twelve prints.

Name of the artist in the first column on the right of the red square

Character Reading Meaning Translation
ike pond  
ta ricefield  
kagaya(ku) shine  
kata person The brush of
fude brush Ikeda Terukata

Followed by the series title in the second column from the right:

Character Reading Meaning Translation
sen thousand  
shu type  
no ’s A thousand
hana flower types of flowers

In the first column from the right in the white/yellowish square is the word ‘Index’:

Character Reading Meaning Translation
moku eye  
roku record Index

And the last column from the right contains the firm name of the publisher:

Character Reading Meaning Translation
katsu slide  
kei think  
temple Kokkeidō

Followed by a red seal with the name of the publisher:

Character Reading Meaning Translation
aki autumn  
yama mountain Akiyama


Provenance: Chris Uhlenbeck’s Hotei Japanese Prints

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