Shin Hanga prints

  Design: Paul Jacoulet (1896-1960)  
  Title: La chenille verte. Corée.  
  Size: 39.2 x 29.9 cm (dai ōban)  
  Original woodblock print    
  Photography: Theo Janssen
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Jacoulet La chenille verte Coree


Special effects: fine gold mica background.

Published on 24 November 1936.

Very faint impression of elaborate red PJ seal on verso of the print:

Simple PJ Seal

Watermark of PJ in roman letters and kanji in left margin.

Paul Jacoulet signature in black pencil and red Good Luck Hammer seal in bottom left of the print.

Names of carver and printer in right margin:

Character Translation Character Translation
Maeda Uchikawa
Kentarō Matashirō
Carver Printer

Print title in bottom margin: LA CHENILLE VERTE COREE .

On this print Richard Miles (1982) comments: ‘The model in this print also appears in Retour d’un Banquet, wearing his horsehair hat and smoking his pipe, one of the archetypes of Jacoulet, who often used the same models dressed in various guises. Note the design function of the Korean pottery as a balance to the simplified forms, and the golden mica upper background. Chenille verte, with its heavily impressed gauffrage (i.e., embossing), uses negative space in a way that influenced some of the Sosaku Hanga in their most abstract studies of the thirties and earlier forties of the previous century.’


Provenance: Castle Fine Arts

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