Shin Hanga prints

  Design: Ishii Hakutei (1882-1958)  
  Title: Shibaura  
  Series title: Twelve views of Tokyo  
  Size: 41.8 x 26.8 cm (dai ōban)  
  Posthumous printing from newly cut woodblocks    
  Photography: Jacques Commandeur
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Special effects: fine embossing (kara-zuri) on the woman’s obi.

Originally published in ca. 1914-1917 by Watanabe Shōzaburō.

This print is a later edition, published by Ishu Kankokai around the 1960-1970s.

Series title in red cartouche in upper left:

Character Reading Meaning Translation
kyō capital  
ni two Twelve views
kei view of Tokyo

Followed by print title:

Character Reading Meaning Translation
shiba lawn  
u   Shibaura (a district
ra   of Minato ward in Tokyo)

Artist’s signature in lower right of print area:

Character Reading Meaning Translation
haku oak  
tei restaurant  
hitsu writing brush Brush of Hakutei

Followed by a red gourd-shaped seal with the name of the original carver:

Character Reading Meaning Translation
bon ordinary  
kotsu bone  
knife Knife of Bonkotsu

Name of editor in left margin:

Character Reading Meaning Translation
kan keep watch over  
shū master Editor:
bun text  
gaku science  
haku extensive doctor of
shi scholar literature
nara oak  
saki cape  
shū religion Narazaki
shige heavy Muneshige

Red publisher’s moneybag seal in lower left margin:

Character Reading Meaning Translation
han edition  
gan origin  
ken inspection  
in seal Publisher’s seal:
遺珠刊行会     Ishu Kankokai

Followed by names of printer and carver of this later edition in lower left margin:

Character Reading Meaning Translation
suri printer  
shi master Printer:
wata(ru) cross  
-be vicinity  
gi justice Watanabe
aki(raka) clear Yoshiaki
hori carver  
shi master Carver:
ko- little  
ike pond Koike
shige(ru) grow thick Shigeru

Watermark with characters 山荘 (i.e., sansō, which translates into ‘‘mountain villa’’) in lower left margin.


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