Meiji prints

  Design: Mizuno Toshikata (1866-1908)  
  Print title: Title page/Table of contents  
  Album/series title: Mitsui Gonomi Miyako no Nishiki (Brocades of the capital. The seasons and their fashions.)  
  Size: 22.6 x 32.3 cm (ōban)  
  Original woodblock print    
  Photography: Jacques Commandeur
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Toshikata Mitsui Gonomi Table of contents


Special effects: silver metallic pigments on the stars under the book and on the orange cloth around the flowerbasket handle.

This print displays the title and table of contents of the Mitsui Gonomi Miyako no Nishiki album, including the titles of the twelve prints.

Artist’s name in first column on the right:

Character Reading Meaning Translation
mizu water  
no field Mizuno
toshi year  
kata person Toshikata

Followed by series title in second column from the right:

Character Reading Meaning Translation
mitsu three  
i a well  
kono(mu) like  
miyako capital  
no ’s  
shi   Mitsui Gonomi -
ki brocade Brocades of the capital

In the third column from the right is the word ‘Index’:

Character Reading Meaning Translation
moku eye  
roku record Index


Provenance: White Fox Rare Books

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