Hokusai - Ehon Sumida Gawa - Prints 3-6 and 3-7

SumidaGawa3-7 SumidaGawa3-6
3-7 Evening household smoke
at Imado
3-6 Pheasants and pine
at Shirahige

And at this point autumn shifts into winter ...

In the foreground people are making tiles, a specialty of the quarter of Imadochō (今戸丁), then very well-known for its continuous ascending fire smokes. On the far east bank in print 3-7 the shrine of Shirahige Myōjin (白髭明神, which translates into “white beard shrine”) can be seen near the pine forests which makes this site so famous. The shrine is devoted to Jurōjin, the god of long life and health - usually depicted as an old man with a long white beard.

Here is a picture of current day Shirahige Myōjin shrine:

Shirahige Jinja

Shirahige Myōjin shrine today

Note again the shimenawa sacred cord intertwined with shide (folded pieces of paper) in front of the entrance of the shrine, see prints 3-12 and 3-13 for details.

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