Shin Hanga prints

  Design: Okada Yoshio (1934)  
  Title: Wakana  
  Series title: Picture scroll of Genji  
  Size: 31.6 x 28.4 cm (ōban)  
  Original woodblock print    
  Photography: Jacques Commandeur
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Okada Yoshio Wakana


As mentioned by Eric van den Ing on his Saru Gallery website, Genji emaki (i.e., Picture scroll of Genji) is a set of four prints illustrating four chapters of the Genji monogatari - The Tale of Genji, written by Murasaki Shikibu in the early 11th century. The four chapters illustrated in this series are: Akashi, Matsukaze, Hotaru and Wakana, which coincide with chapters 13, 18, 25, and 34 of the Genji monogatari, respectively.

Published by Yūyūdō in 1970.

Red seal reading Yoshi in upper left area and bottom right margin of the print.

Names of the carver and the printer in bottom margin of the print:

Character Reading Meaning Translation
ho(ru) carve  
ki(ku) work Carver:
mae before  
ta rice field  
ken sign of the tiger  
ta fat  
counter for sons Maeda Kentarō
su(ru) rub  
satsu print Printer:
en distant  
tada loyalty  
o leader Endō Tadao

Yūyūdō publisher seal in lower left margin of the print.

The kanji 若菜 (i.e., Wakana, young greens) is written in pencil on the verso of the print.


Provenance: Japanese Gallery

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